Friday, October 22, 2010


Sarah is someone that I just met a few weeks ago, and we have already done a couple of shoots together. These images are from our first shoot. The initial plan was to simply do one of my turn of the century set ups. This series is like the old timey boardwalk photographs, except that they more resemble actual vintage images, rather than being campy or hokey. I find it interesting there is such a fine line between being genuine versus stereotypical. It's like what David St. Hubbins says in Spinal Tap- "it's such a fine line between stupid an' clever". I also like to turn it up to eleven. But I digress. Sarah turned out to be very open to the work that I've been concentrating on lately, not to mention that she is quite the muse. I hope to work with her more often in the near future. I'll post some images from our second shoot (which went very well) as soon as I finish them...

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