Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is from six months ago. I hate shooting in the summer. My studio is like a combination brick oven/greenhouse with the mixture of bricks that gets constant sun during the day and large windows in between. Although I amp up the air conditioning before shooting, it is quickly negated by the hot lights. Fans, which create wonderful goosebumps in winter, are simply just a little relief in summer. Another reason that I used to disliked shooting in summer was tan lines- I used to hate them, but recently I've come to embrace them. I still do not care for tans in general, but very pale skin contrasted with a dark tan line creates a feeling of something that you shouldn't see- a visual treat. Next summer I need to find a couple of models with some serious tan lines. I guess that this posting is a call out...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


2nd shoot with Lee, and I've finally figured out that this is the combination of texture & lighting that I've been searching for and wish to pursue. Hopefully most models will not mind the scratching and resulting welts, not to mention bruises that are necessary for it. Most already show up with interesting bruises and bite marks already. I've always employed fans (in winter, preferably) to achieve a tightness of skin and goosebumps- most do not particularly care for that, but suffer through it- for the art. Of all the ways that I can think of to torture people, apparently fans in my cold warehouse studio are the most evil. In fact, just last week was the first person who said that they actually enjoy being cold and getting goosebumps. Ironically, I think that the scratching and bruising are going to go over much better than the fans in winter...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


These are a few images from my first shoot with Syn, which I believe is just a warm up shoot. I say that because, well, here is an inventory list she sent me regarding what she will bring to the next shoot:
In addition to 2 pantyhose cocoons in black, and a huge amount of pantyhose in various colors and thigh highs and fishnets in various colors I have: 1 box large Nitrile gloves, black, 1 box medium Nitrile gloves, black, purple rabbit fur flogger, fuzzy handcuffs, black, Purple bondage tape, Black bondage tape, Black Vet wrap, Wrist cuffs- fake leather, 2 pair, Wrist cuffs- real leather, Cupping set with 12 cups, Hitachi wand, Hitachi Trinity head w/ clitoral, vaginal, anal probes, Hitachi head - knobbed (beads), Prostate/Gspot Stimulator, Jennings Dental Gag, Collins Speculum, Regular Speculum, Mens pleasure wand xl, 2 Jelly Anal Beads, Ball Gag, Blind Fold, Wartenburg wheel, Snake bite Kit, Anal Plug vibrator, Small anal plug, medium anal plug, Pyrex Dildo, Pyrex beaded (knobbed) dildo, White paraffin candles (wax play), Strap on Harness, Rubber Cock rings, Jelly dong, Jelly double ended dildo, Vaginal/Anal dual vibrator (u shaped), G spot butterfly vibe, Waterproof rabbit, Large Rabbit with rotating beads, Glo in the dark dildo with removable ribs, another rabbit, Head Honcho sleave, Blue vibrating bullet, 5 Function neon green bullet, Orange glo in the dark bullet, Clothespins galore!, Liquid latex in various colors, Massage oil candles, Massage oil, Hot rocks, Massage heart. I should be getting more wax play candles... I am waiting for them to ship. I also have the reject bin and the hilarious bin. Rejects: ribbed vibe (supposed to be bendable, but isn't), flesh colored vibe, small black vibe, water proof bullet. Hilarious because they are huge! HUGE black dong, huge Colt Driller dildo with spikes!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


These images are from my first shoot with Lee- I'm actually waiting for her to arrive for a second shoot as I type this. Well, there's the doorbell... hence my shortest entry yet. Pictures are worth a thousand words, anyway.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Meira & Icing

These are a few out takes from the end of a shoot involving some fantastical makeup to portray an Ice Queen. The finishing touch was a collar made of vanilla icing. So Meira ate all of the icing at the end of the shoot, and here are the results. I really love these fun shoots- I think that I should do this type of thing more often.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Apparently people are actually reading my posts. I really thought that I would just be writing here to get it all out for myself- placing my thoughts and intuitions into concrete words. It's interesting to look at the stats and notice that I'm found via "thumb sucking fetish" & "eroticism in a window" being Googled. Although I assumed (and sometimes knew) that my images were being lifted (sometimes deviously), it's also interesting to be able to see where they are going by looking at the stats. Some examples of this are people who write blogs based on erotic photography that they find & lift- almost always with credit and links back to me. So consequently I can read what somebody who has a inherent interest in work like mine and others like me has to say. I'm liking this blog thing, while still trying to resist spending too much time on it.