Saturday, March 26, 2011


Li is a medical doctor with whom I've shot many times. She is one of my favorite people to shoot with, which could have something to do with the fact that she has a fetish for being photographed. She actually gets off on being photographed, and although this could be said of quite a few women that I've photographed, with Li it is very intense and definitely different. She enjoys working with other photographers as well, and while she says I'm her favorite, I'm never under any illusion other than it is the camera providing the connection. When the camera goes down it is like an on/off switch. That's part of what fetishes are- object related. When that object is no longer there, neither is the fetish. None the less, I have to admit it is fascinating to control someone like a puppet on a string with a camera.  Li has several unique fetishes like that. Another is uniforms- the more formal, the more intense it is for her. A Marine decorated with lots of medals does a lot more for her than a Army private with none. Lots of people have reactions like that to clothing, but with Li it is intense beyond description. I find it curious that playing dress up and/or role playing would do nothing for her- it has to be genuine. She also has a Playboy bunny fetish. Her ultimate fantasy is to be a Playboy bunny- she says she would give up being a doctor to be one! Of course she owns a bunny outfit, but the interesting thing is that it is vintage from the 60's. With her own nameplate. She is quite particular like that...

Friday, March 25, 2011


Katy is a rockabilly girl who is obsessed with Henry Miller. It’s something that we have in common, among other things. Pinup images are a genre that I've focused on in the past and continue to occasionally create. There have not been any of my pinup pics represented here since it is a style that is so very different from this work. I'm definitely still channeling Bettie Page, though! Katy, of course, has many tattoos- certainly not very pinup. In the past, I’ve always strove to be dead on as far as re-creating the looks of yesteryear. I feel as though I've been hitting a stride lately in developing my own distinct style. Now I've been trying to incorporate that when doing the pinups, portraits and Hollywood glamour photographs.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is one of my personal favorites. I was thinking of a Fellini film when I shot it, and it still reminds me of Fellini film as an image. I have to admit that there is not much humor in my work, with the exception of my portfolio of dolls & toys. This one cracks me up, though. That has a lot to do with Izzy, who never takes things too seriously, and is always a blast to work with. btw, she was shaking her tits at pedestrians below, before & after the shot- which was even funnier than the image itself...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sara is a professional model, and these images are from one particular shoot we did. Although they may not look different from other images of mine, I have to say that working with her is much different than working with most people. She doesn't need any direction, and I don't need to say anything. With others (especially someone who has never been photographed before), I am able to get images that look very good, but it can be very hard work. Sarah has a way of moving around that is exquisite to watch, and easy to photograph...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jade Vixen

Jade Vixen is a very well known dominatrix, who is also an old and dear friend. Some of my most memorable images were created with her, although they have usually been fashion or vintage looking images rather than raw and erotic. There are several good reasons for this, despite that she has a very edgy and uninhibited persona. For one thing she typically tends to be in control and dominant (or wants to portray that in her images), whereas my erotic images tend to portray a submissive with some wild abandon. She also has an exquisite collection of vintage clothes- so we've usually gravitated towards showing them off.