Friday, October 1, 2010

Dessa & Izzy

Tacked on at the end of these pics is an image that might seem very out of place with any thing else in this blog. It was intentionally part of the shoot with Dessa & Izzy, and I've been dedicating a portion of many of my couple's shoots to shooting these images. They're for my body scape series, which I have not shown anywhere on the web but here, although some were incorporated in my body painting show at Mew gallery last year. While it is indeed both of them, it is actually a triptych of three separate images fused together. Ironically, I'm not typically a big fan of image manipulation to this extent, but I've been very happy with this series. I think that drastic image manipulation usually comes off as really cheesy, but this is my attempt to make it more elegant and thought provoking...

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