Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meira & Nick

Mer is a close friend and someone that I've photographed many times. I've photographed her alone, and also with other women as well. We had talked about doing a shoot with her boyfriend Nick before, but it took a while before we finally got around to it. Both the sentence that starts off this post and the images that follow are very similar to my post and images from yesterday. This is not a coincidence- Mer & Izzy (she is in the previous post) have a lot in common, and this shoot and the other bear a marked resemblance to each other. The chemistry is the same. The same intensity is there as well, although this does come at least a little bit from me- while I tend not to interfere during these couples shoots, I let them know in the beginning what I'm looking for. I like for there to be a push & pull, a realness without posing, and I tell them to ignore (as much as possible) my presence. I also like consensual violence, which I think makes for more dynamic images. That request does not seem to ever pose much of an issue with the people I've been working with lately...


  1. I really really like your work Kevin! Wow! it's really good!

  2. Stunning photography! Wish I has the body to do it