Saturday, November 27, 2010

Window Series

I've already represented quite a few images from the window series, but here are a few out takes that I have not yet posted. The first image is definitely a rare example of humor in my work. I wish I could pull  humor off more often, but I only like it when it's genuine- and preferably, at least slightly twisted. Those guys were standing there respectfully and gratefully for about twenty minutes, without any hooting or hollering. Only in Chinatown. I love the diversity of audiences that I get looking up at the window. Most  people are completely oblivious to the show that's a stone's throw away, and just walk on by. Of those that do notice, some do a hilarious double take, some try and strike up a conversation, and others just quietly enjoy their luck. They are indeed lucky for the most part, I believe. I would much rather be them than me at that moment- how often do you get see something like that walking down the street? My favorite was the old Chinese lady that stood there shaking her head in mock condemnation- how offended could she be if she  decided to stick around forever, rather than leave?

The second image garnered the opposite reaction compared to the first one. They were trying to be too cool for school, only occasionally looking up, despite being there for about fifteen minutes. I found that really interesting, even though it's not as amusing as the guys looking up.

Also of interesting note is that most of my models tend to be a little disappointed about the lack of attention that they get in the window, despite their best efforts. Most of my models are serious exhibitionists. I always let the one or two that don't want the attention know that they will mostly be ignored, and even they seem surprised that, indeed, they were ignored. The exhibitionists are so happy, though, when they get that just right audience...

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