Thursday, November 18, 2010


There are many reasons that I get hired for erotic shoots, which is why it has become a very nice addition to my business. Often a woman does a shoot as a gift for her boyfriend or husband, or vice versa. Occasions for this can be a wedding, anniversary, birthday or Valentine's day. Just as often, women hire me just as a gift to themselves- they might not even have a boyfriend or husband. Reasons for this include to boost self-esteem, images for posterity (since they won't always look this good), or just to have a new & different experience. An erotic shoot is like a day at the spa- relaxing & fun.

Not everyone is aware that dominatrixes, escorts and strippers also hire me for erotic promotional images- either for their websites or advertising. Escorts and strippers who hire me typically just need very formulaic, straightforward (although glamorous) images with lingerie and then nudes. Sometimes, though, they ask if we can do something more interesting since they have seen some of my more erotic work. Or they come back another time to do a more erotic shoot. Lola is one of those who wanted to do something more interesting as well...

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