Friday, September 24, 2010

Shower series

I started the Shower series about three years ago, when someone who hired me asked if I could photograph her in the shower. I've since done some intense and/or explicit images, as well as some beautiful and/or romantic ones (which seems to describe the two alternating variations of my work lately), but that particular shoot was actually one of the most intense shoots I've ever done. Most of the shower shoots were shot in the 2nd floor shower, which I built from scratch about six years ago. In the past year I've been shooting in the 4th floor shower, which at first I didn't like, but it has been growing on me. Both do have the benefit of being open at the top and rising up twelve feet, so that I can shoot from up above, as well as light from above. Eventually, I'm sure that I'll move on to some fancy tub or other shower, but I'm still satisfied shooting in the new shower for the moment.

Below are some favorite out takes that I have not posted before.

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