Monday, November 18, 2013


This is a very early photograph of mine, yet it is also a very personal favorite out of everything I've ever taken. It was an unusual paid shoot- a strip club owner hired me to take pictures of the girls to hang on the walls. It was not a big mainstream club like some on Delaware Avenue, though- it was a small seedy place in a less than safe part of town. A limo came and picked me up and took me there- an important detail, since there was no way I would just find and/or walk into a place like this. I was the only white person there, but instead of being out of place, I was treated royally due to the fact that I was the "Photographer". I spent hours walking around shooting anything and everything in this den of iniquity- seriously, it was much more raunchy than your typical go-go bar. I had an idea to make a sort of studio set up in the back, where I did some more formal portraits- and this was one of the results. I think that it has a very timeless appeal. It could have been shot in the Cotton Club in the 30's, but it also conjures up the 70's Superfly era at the same time- whereas it was actually shot in 1993 in the heart of West Philadelphia. What makes this image for me is the combination of her jovial smile and the complete pathos in his eyes- youthful beauty paired with weathered age.

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