Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This shot is actually a few years old. Besides that I've always really liked it, it seemed to mark a turning point for me. I think that this is my first successful image employing an extreme point of view and perspective, which I've continued to explore ever since. I find the idea of creating a lush deep space, starting with only the beginning in focus, to be  a great way of forcing the viewer to see things the way that I often do while shooting. Of course this kind of spatial illusion is nothing new- it goes back to Andrea Mantegna (an Italian painter from the 1400's) and The Lamentation of Christ. At first that painting looks like a study of foreshortening, but he actually reduced the size of the feet, among other things. Likewise, I can use lighting, depth of field, and Photoshop to create little tricks, making it seem like three feet goes on and on...

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