Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Maggie is a stripper that hired me to do some glamorous PR shots for her. She is a breed of stripper that travels the world headlining at well known clubs in cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, etc.- so they hire me to provide images to promote & advertise themselves. At first, Maggie was one of the most difficult persons I've ever photographed- she has a phobia of being photographed! It was like pulling teeth- she was fidgety and evasive. After we got the shots that she needed, though, she wanted to try something more interesting and fetish oriented for the hell of it. I wasn't expecting this to be any easier. After tying her up, though,  she forgot about the camera and came alive. She had never been tied up before, and apparently really liked it. Likewise in the shower, when I suggested using the waterpik, she said that she used it everyday by herself. So I told her to ignore me, and that idea seemed to work like a charm...

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