Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jade Vixen

I've always, as far back as I can remember, taken pictures of marks left by clothing. These marks fascinate me because they seem to be like ghosts that soon fade away. The pictures of them were always simply documents, though, as opposed to having the same importance of whatever else I was shooting. Consequently, I was really dropping the ball on subject matter that could of had the potential strength of anything else I photograph. Lately I've been spending much more time shooting these intriguing textures, not to mention tying corsets and ropes ever more tighter to achieve better marks...

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  1. Your images are spectacular - and I'm happy to say that I'm not sure I'd be able to use the term in a context any more true to its definition - this one is particularly striking, I just LOVE it... This is Alyssa, by the way (the one that kept you involved with grueling philosophical conversation until 4AM, last night :) - when you told me you always shoot the marks after various binding of models, I knew the photos would be interesting but this exceeded my [already high] expectations. Beautiful, thank-you for sharing!